Debbie Frampton Sanders
I had a great experience and feel wonderful!!! Energized already!!! Thanks Natalie! I’ll be back.
Carin C.
Natalie is amazing! I am recovering from surgery and have 2 young kids so driving and taking them out was not an option. Natalie came to our house. Their location is close by too but the house visit was better for me and our situation. I had a Myers Cocktail with added Glutathione and a B12 shot. 2 days later still feeling great. Took about an hour and IV was put in effortlessly. I'll definitely be using this service again a few weeks. Thank you Natalie!
Jethro B.
Natalie was very professional, knowledgeable and caring during my infusion. I've had a few injections and a Myers' Cocktail done at Aqua Fusion and I sometimes have had difficulty at other locations with people finding my veins the first time and she was spot on. When Natalie gave my shot, I didn't even feel it, but man I felt I had more energy the following week. I have since gotten a B-12 every week. It not only keeps me from feeling run down during the day, but I feel I am more active at home too. With the Myers' Cocktail, I feel like some of my creaks in my body are less pronounced as well as being less affected by being from this dang South Carolina summer heat! When you come see Natalie, and you really should, be prepared to go out and enjoy your life after!